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Our new 'zest for life' wine. It's fruity, fun and fabulous! You can drink it when ever, where ever, but I must say it is divine with a cupcake (or anything sweet). It is a Merlot, Shiraz blend - with a wonderful berry on the nose. You can't go through winter without a warm blanket and a Kirabo Cupcake!

Make an appointment for a Cupcake tasting with cupcakes baked with Cupcake wine or join the Soetes and Soup for this special treat.


Kirabo Harvest 2012

What a looong harvest, but every drop of sweat worth.  The 'Watervalkloof - farm - team', did give their best this season and you can already taste it in the new wines. The reds came in beautiful, their stats are perfect. The wine making process, is still in progress, but some of it is already in the barrel where they are going to rest for a least 16 months, some 24 months. The Merlot were made on ACDC, the Shiraz on Maria Callas - We can't wait to see how these two are going to blend in the Malika Red.

Wine making is such fun for us, and we hope that you can taste it in every drop of our wine. We would love to share it with you.

Wine - greetings

Karιn Le Roux


Winter - Informal - Introductory Wine Course at Kirabo or at your place.

- From the vineyard to the winery

- How to read the label

- Serving Wine

- Tasting wine

- Wine and food taste pairing


Cost: R100 p.p (minimum 10 persons )

Duration: 2 hours

Contact: Kirabo Tel: 071 681 9019 / info@kirabocellar.co.za

Includes: The tasting of 5 wines, lots of laughter and informational material.


Appointments only - Have an attitude about wine!!!!!